EP 02 – Russell Lidguard

EP 02 – Russell Lidguard

By Nick Burnett

What does it take to raise and educate amazing kids? How can we best prepare them for the astonishing future that is coming up? The research and everyday options can sometimes seem overwhelming, and so, in this series of podcasts, Nick Burnett and Tony Ryan will offer some practical insights for educators and parents alike. With a focus on 12-year-old Georgie, who will be 32 years old in 2039 AD, they will outline a number of key elements on what is needed to help her live a fulfilling life.

In Episode 2 Nick talks with Russell Lidguard about:

•How do we prepare students for a largely automated future?
•The importance of soft skills
•How real-world learning is the future for education and how we might do this
•What might be the changes to pedagogy to enable these new opportunities to thrive?
•What might we call the teacher of the future?
•How do we move from where we are to where we need to be?
•What might we need to unlearn?
•How might we leverage current assessment opportunities to promote the development of soft skills?
•How might we use AI to engage the dis-engaged/unwilling?

Russell Lidgard is the Head of Department – 21st Century Learning at Kawana Waters State College. Since joining the College in 2015, Russell has guided the development of future focused teaching and learning pathways from Prep through to Year 12. Based on technology enhanced real world experiences, the pathways are aimed at providing students with the future skills required to be effective participants in their society. Some of the key outcomes of this journey include the digitalisation of curriculum delivery, the work toward the transition of learning ownership from the educator to the learner, the development of a design thinking model to support student discovery and inquiry, and the incorporation of robotics, virtual reality and augmented reality to further improve the learning opportunities of students and teachers. Russell continues to search for new and innovative ways to develop the teaching and learning opportunities of all stake holders within the education sector.

Contact details:
LinkedIn: @Russell Lidgard

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