EP 02 Pedagogical Shifts in Telephone Teaching

By Donna Fry

Donna Fry is superintendent the Pine Creek School Division in Manitoba. Her district is home to a unique option that, while it might seem "old school" to some, capturing the imaginations of educators around the world during this time of COVID-19 disruption. Join Donna and her "telephone school" team—Steven Williams, Tammy Kruse and Diana Mae Boychuk in this compelling series about access for ALL students.

In this episode, host Donna Miller Fry and her Telephone School team of Steven Williams, Tammy Kruse and Diana Mae Boychuk are joined by TMO veterans Joshua Waldner and Tyler Pretty to talk about what they have learned about teaching over the telephone. And to bring a set of fresh eyes to the conversation, you’ll also hear the voice of Shae Lynne Johnson who is new to this way of teaching, having just joined the TMO three weeks ago!