EP 02 – My Life As A Diamond

In this content packed episode, Mr. Boudreau is joined by several enthusiastic student readers as we discuss some of the Silver Birch and Red Maple books we’ve been reading. First, Mr. Boudreau shares his thoughts in the intro about the importance of having books that feature trans characters, like My Life as a Diamond, in Middle School libraries. Next, Mr. Boudreau is joined by two enthusiastic student readers to discuss Crush and talk about how graphic novels can tell a story in ways that a regular chapter book cannot. Then, moving to our featured book this month, our student journalists have a thoughtful chat about My Life as a Diamond, and have a fantastic chat with the author of the book, Jenny Manzer. See below for time stamps of the different segments of the show.

The importance of books like My Life as a Diamond in Middle School Libraries (1:09)
Discussion of the graphic novel Crush with student guests (5:34)
Discussion of the novel My Life as a Diamond with student guests (24:50)
Student interview with author Jenny Manzer (33:44)