Entitled to Nothing, Grateful for Everything (with Lisa Thomaidis)

By Heather Ross

The Better Me Podcast delves into how people navigate through life’s challenges and live as the best people they can be. Coach, writer, and educator Heather M. Ross chats with guests about how they’ve gotten past life’s bumps in the road, from potholes to sinkholes. She also shares her own stories of living with a mental illness while striving to pursue her dreams.

For episode 19, I had the privilege of speaking with Lisa Thomaidis, coach of both the University of Saskatchewan Huskies and Canadian National Womens’ basketball teams. We talked about the tumultuous year she’s had, the reputation she and her players have for their kindness toward fans and opponents, and what it was like coaching superstar Sabine Dukate who moved from Latvia to play for Thomaidis and the Huskies.