Emily Fitzpatrick – Future Job with Moonshot Thinking

By Chris Cluff

It’s amazing how many rabbit holes one man can encounter when he’s chasing squirrels! Join Chris Cluff as he finds, explores and pushes the boundaries in education.

At least once a week I find a post in my social that focusses on tracking future jobs. Often it is couched in a convo about our students aiming for a job force that has not even been dreamed of yet. And that future is seeded by helping students embrace the Edtech tools that accelerate their learning and activate their ‘moonshot’ thinking.
I think Emily Fitzgerald has one of those future jobs. Emily is the Director of Professional Development with  #EdTechTeam and in the sweet spot of helping learners meet the future with tech training opportunities for teachers.
Please find Emily on Twitter @efitz_edtech or https://sites.google.com/edtechteam.com/emily
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