#ELB with Guest Chris Kreuter–8 Reasons Why Reading is so Important Episode #55

By Andrew Marotta

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Thursday, August 16, 2018
#55 #ELB with Guest Chris Kreuter–8 Reasons Why Reading is so Important.
Education Leadership and Beyond: Surviving & Thriving with Andrew Marotta

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One of the most best things I enjoy doing as a father and educator is reading with my kids–ages 12, 10, & 7. They all have turned out to be strong readers and enjoy it. Having an author on the show is always fun for me because I can learn so much from them. Chris Kreuter wrote a great kids book that combines sci-fi & hockey…My boy Matthew loved it! Heading into this next school year, if your kid likes either sci-fi or hockey, they’ll love The Intergalactic Adventures of the Rainy River Bees.
Additionally, I spoke about the importance of reading for kids and adults. One of the biggest indicators of success in school and beyond is reading reading levels and how do you improve your or your kids reading level? READ!
There is a ton of research and articles out there on the importance of reading–I liked this one found on inspiration boost: 8 Reasons by JJ Wong. JJ Wong lists these 8 reasons why reading is important:

1. Expose yourself to new things.
2. Self Improvement.
3. Improve understanding.
4. Preparation for action.
5. Gain experience from other people.
6. Tools for communicating.
7. Connecting your brain.
8. Boost your creativity.

I thought these were awesome…and very relative for all readers. I am watching my kids experience them now at their young ages. I especially like #s 3, 4, & 5. While on this journey of writing my book and creating the podcast #ELB, I have learned so much by reading articles and books on the topics to help get me started. Prepare to action. If they did it, why can’t you? If there is something out there for you that you are looking to tackle next, read about it first! It’s only a google search or a library stop away!

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Book Recommendation: The Intergalactic Adventures of the Rainy River Bees by Chris Kreuter

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