#ELB Guest Principal and Author Jay Billy, Culture Matters Episode #57

By Andrew Marotta

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Monday, August 20, 2018
Education Leadership and Beyond: Surviving & Thriving with Andrew Marotta
#ELB 57 #Culture Matters with author & Principal Jay Billy @Jaybilly2
This is the first podcast that I recorded in primetime beginning at 8:30pm EST & wow did Jay Billy bring the energy. I can see why they love him as their Principal in Lawrence Township schools. What a great opportunity for #ELB to interview Jay, the author of Lead with Culture: What Really Matters in our Schools.
Talking to Jay got me thinking about culture and all the things that go into it. Jay’s chapters are listed as the following: culture, expectations, learning, enthusiasm, joy, community, celebrations, intentionality, honesty, evolving, being connected, and relationships ALL MATTER! You add all these up & to me it means: care. How can you get teachers and students to care? To care more? To give more? DO THESE THINGS and do them often. There are no financial bonuses for educators that CARE and GIVE more of themselves…just the amazing relationships and experiences that they build with students, who are craving this from their school role models. Jay lives them in his role as Elem. Principal and it is contagious. I went to school the next day and was energized. It reinforced the concept I live by: It is the information, it is the inspiration!
You can follow Jay on twitter @jaybilly2 and learn a heck of a lot by following him and the hashtags #culturematters, #leadlap.
Go get ’em!
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