#ELB 63 Education Leadership & Beyond: “Keep Rolling” w/ Dan Spainhour: teacher, coach, author, and founder of the Leadership & Coaching Jou

By Andrew Marotta

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Monday, October 22, 2018
#63 ELB Keep Rolling w Dan Spainhour: author of Leading narratives and owner of The Leadership Publishing Team.
Education Leadership and Beyond: Surviving & Thriving with Andrew Marotta.

Blog &Podcast #63 with guest Leadership Publishing Team creator & teacher Dan Spainhour.
Keep rolling. That’s what Dan tells me often. In episode #63, we meet Dan Spainhour. Dan is my college roommate @kevinspainhour ‘s brother–a teacher, author and owner of the Leadership Publishing Team. Dan is doing great things in leadership, teaching, and coaching circles with his journal and books. He offered ELB listeners a 20% on a yearly subscription to his Coaching & Leadership Journal use the code ELB20. It is worth a look. I love it as a resource for my podcast and my role as Principal.
So keep rolling. What’s this all about? We, as leaders, face many challenges….many ups and downs…just like in our lives. If you have a #keeprolling mentality, no matter what gets in our way, we will keep moving forward. Maybe you have a bad speech or a bad evaluation…keep rolling. Tomorrow will come and do it better. Each text or email Dan and I would send to one another, he would end with: Keep rolling. This motivated me and inspired me to keep writing, keep recording to keep with it. So add this to you tool box: keep rolling. Give it to others who may need encouragement put it in your mindset that you are going to keep with it. It is kind of like the 5SW’s in sales: 1. Sometimes it will, 2. Sometimes it won’t, 3. So what, 4. Stick with it, 5. Someone’s waiting.
Looking to become a better storyteller. Check out Dan’s book below. It is filled with great stories and themes…excellent to start any speech or workshop!
Quote: Even if you are on the right track you’ll get run over if you just sit there.
–Will Rogers

Book Recommendation: Leading Narratives by Dan Spainhour.
Enjoy the podcast. Order your copy of The Principal: Surviving and Thriving today!
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