E62 #CollaboNation: Collaboration through Instruction

Alanna hosts our school library panel on the topic of instigating collaboration through instruction and building that cycle. Our coast-to-coast #CollaboNation panel of experts Lila Armstrong, Sonja Clark, and Leigh Borden strategize about their menu of collaboration and making sure that the school knows their true range of skills and abilities. How can we continue to push our schools to investigate inquiry projects where the ending (i.e. diorama) isn’t predetermined? Favourites from our panel include book sets, anticipation guides, combining STEM with literacy, continuity pieces that cross all curricula and shifting school culture to embrace dissonance.

Shoutouts to Jenn Brown, Christie Johnson, National Film Board, Mitch Resnick’s Lifelong Kindergarten, Lisa Unger, Reggio, Robert John Meehan, and Walter Isaacson’s The Innovators.