E61 Read Into Knowledge Week in Australia Learning Commons and the Pandemic Pivot

Alanna hosts Australian learning commons leader and educator Jennifer Cain @jennifercain26 as we talk about how she programs an entire week of experiential and participatory knowledge-building using competitive, collaborative and community activities, somewhat akin to the Triwizard cup of Hogwarts, but with much more variety (although less underwater breathing is required). Jennifer shows how the significance of the librarian’s role has been pivotal in the success of her school as they have moved to remote learning during the pandemic. Jennifer provides a wealth of perspective as we compare Australia’s model and proactive response to transitioning to remote learning and the importance of a literacy and learning leader during this time.

Jennifer Cain can be reached at: cain_j@materchristi.edu.au

Shoutouts to Australian Library and Information Association https://www.alia.org.au/

Link to the original article in Canadian School Libraries Journal: https://journal.canadianschoollibraries.ca/creating-knowledge-building-skills-designing-and-implementing-a-knowledge-week/