E58 Read Into #ONSchoolLibraries

E58 Read Into #ONSchoolLibraries

Beth hosts Diana Maliszewski, Mona Cheema, Renee Shah Singh and Ketly Appleton to discuss the recent Twitter campaign launched by the Ontario School Library Association (OSLA) where school library professionals from across Ontario (and Canada!) are sharing their documentation process of student learning, the joy of the school library and the joy of reading. The panel discussed the energy and the vibe of an LLC and the shared passion for creating a school library that is the hub of the school and the recurring theme of community that emerged through the discussion. Diana reminded us that tweets are a media form and that as we use this medium to advocate for our spaces and our learners we need to be mindful of the attention economy. A great inquiry question- How might we create tweets with engaging hooks to push our advocacy for school libraries forward? Listen for shoutouts to other school library professionals that inspired us and if you haven’t yet shared a tweet using #ONSchoolLibraries or #ShareYourLLC, remember- your ordinary is someone else’s extraordinary

@MzMollyTL – Diana Maliszewski
@MsCheema_TDSB – Mona Cheema
@IngleboroughLlc – Renee Shah Singh
@Kappleton_GG – Ketly Appleton

Shoutouts to the School Library Professionals Who Inspired Us
@MrsVandendool Alloa Public School LLC
@NHS_Library1 NHS_Library
@originalmissg Ruth Gretsinger
@DNevilleTeach Danny Neville
@JennMacBrown Jenn Brown
@WilshireLibrary Wilshire Library
@MrsGoodybdps Laura Goodfellow
@LibraryScott Connie Scott
@msbordenTL Leigh Borden
@Lila_TL_EWP Lila Armstrong
@MsTravassos Cassandra Travassos

Land Art- Andy Goldsworthy

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