E57 #ONLibChat Advocacy

Read Into This co-host Beth Lyons, Ontario School Library Association (OSLA) Vice-President, and Jenn Brown (OSLA Past President) chat with Tim Boudreau and Connie Scott about the most recent #ONLibChat that was held on July 28th. The chat still centred around the question “How might our school libraries look in the fall if/when we return to school?” but shifted to focus on ideas around advocating for the role of school libraries within a learning community and how school library professionals might use their collective voice to share the necessity of a school library with education stakeholders. The panel discussed the upswell in advocacy that resulted during the chat as participants asked if OSLA was prepared to reply to the education announcement once it was shared and Beth discussed the process of writing the letter – School Library Staff: Essential to Supporting Students Adapt and Succeed in the Unprecedented 2020-21 School Year . The panel also discussed the roles of teacher-librarians, the lack of equitable funding for school libraries across the province, the possible role of the school library as schools re-open with COVID 19 protocols in place and as always, as we can serve the students in our communities.

The next chat has been scheduled for August 25th at 7:00pm- https://www.accessola.org/web/OLA/Event_Display.aspx?EventKey=EIW200825A

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Tim Boudreau @TimBoo_Drow
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