E188 Pt 2 Zelia Capitano-Tavares & Kamla Ramberan – 2022-03-30, 6.32 PM

By Ramona Meharg

Join host, Ramona Meharg (@RamonaMeharg) as she and her guests explore what it might look like if they knew then what they know now.

This week on I Wish I Knew EDU, it’s P2 of Ramona talking to Zelia Capitao-Tavares & Kamla Rambaran @ZeliaMCT @kamla_sharbear to talk about their dynamic multiple decade co-planning/teaching relationship, and infusing #SocialJustice & #SDGs into Entrepreneurship projects. http://businessdayevent.blogspot.com/ bit.ly/ZeliaMCT @McMBusinessDay