Dung Duong talks about his book – Shifting Optics: A Life in Perspective -329

By Steven Miletto

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Dung Duong talks with me about his book – Shifting Optics: A Life in Perspective. Awesome talk! Dung has a wonderful outlook on life! This is episode 329 of Teaching Learning Leading K12.
Dung Duong is an entrepreneur, investor, and optic engineer who’s dedicated to making our world a better place. He supports his wife’s nonprofit, Perspective Charity, which works to give children the opportunity to become impactful doers, contributors, and leaders regardless of their economic or social situation. Dung wrote this book for his three children—Anastasia, Athena, and Radiant—in the hope that they find comfort, snicker at the infinitely bad jokes, and get a different perspective.
As a child, Dung Duong fled a third-world country, lived in refugee camps, was jailed, and found himself homeless before immigrating to the United States, ultimately growing up in poverty. A strong student and gifted engineer, Dung eventually found success as an entrepreneur and investor. In telling his full story, Dung doesn’t dwell on what he lacked in his youth. Instead, he focuses on what he did have: intrinsic motivation, a strong will, and the desire to positively impact the world.
Perhaps, like Dung, you also have a desire to make the world a better place.
In Shifting Optics, Dung shares his stories and honest recollections so that you can take from them perspective, if you wish. Told with a wink and a smile, he offers up his life’s story to show there is always a light in the darkness, there’s always a tomorrow, and there’s always a way to move forward and improve the world in our own unique way.
Lots to learn today!
Dung was fun to talk with. I think you will have a good time listening!
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