Dr. Keri Cheechoo

In this fifteenth episode, Dr. Ng-A-Fook interviews Dr. Keri Cheechoo, an Assistant Professor specializing in Indigenous Education at the University of Ottawa. During their conversation, Dr. Cheechoo shares her perspectives as an Iskwew, (Cree woman), daughter, mom, kookum, auntie, cousin, poet, and teacher from Long Lake #58 First Nation in relation to living in harmony. They discuss some of the following concepts: grandparenting, living as ceremony, dreaming of ancestral medicines, agency, regulating and sterilizing Indigenous women’s bodies, legacies of the Indian Residential Schooling system, Orange Shirt Day, relearning intergenerational relations, land acknowledgments, treaties, poetic inquiry, art, Pimatisiwin, a Nisgaa research methodology, trauma, healing, respecting dignity, reconciliation, regeneration, relationality, and so much more.

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