Dr. Boni Wozolek

In Episode 16, Dr. Ng-A-Fook interviews Dr. Boni Wozolek, an Assistant Professor of Education at Penn State University, Abington College. During their conversation, Dr. Wozolek shares her perspectives as a queer woman of colour in relation to the current 2020 Pandemic, Queer Battle Fatigue, and School-to-Coffin Pipeline. They discuss some of the following concepts: working and mothering as an academic, negotiating capitals of shame, 2020 Presidential Debate, hidden curriculum of human and non-human intra-actions of violence, living a soundscape curriculum, pedagogy and research as quantum entanglements, an ethics of collecting sounds, policing bodies, gender, sexuality, racisms, the sounds of LGBTQ2 students breaking, homophobia, transphobia, suicide, self-harm, resistance, refusal, Black Excellence and so much more.