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By Steven Miletto

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Dr. April Michaud-Willis is the Director of Operations for the National Virtual Teacher Association. Join us as we discuss the  National Standards for Virtual Teaching and getting certified as a virtual teacher. This is episode 376 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.
Dr. April Willis has spent her entire career in education, working at the campus, district, and state levels of education and holds certifications in the Superintendency, Principalship and eight teaching roles. 
She currently serves as the Director of Operations at The National Virtual Teacher Association (NVTA) , an organization which helps teachers transition from the brick-and-mortar classroom to the virtual classroom, with the goal of providing online instruction that’s even more engaging and effective than in-person learning. She is a contributing author to NVTA’s new book, Virtual Instruction Standards: Optimizing Teaching & Learning (October 2020), a comprehensive guide based on current research, proven best practices and the expertise of virtual instructors across the country that addresses all learners and learning environments, as well as the evolving needs of students, educators and schools. 
A former elementary school teacher, Dr. Willis taught kindergarten through third grade in a multilevel classroom for the University of Texas Charter school located at the SAFE Charter School, a school which provides educational and behavioral support services in an environment that promotes safety and healing for survivors of sexual and domestic violence and child abuse. While teaching, she also held the roles of ARD facilitator, TELPAS coordinator, volunteer coordinator and campus testing coordinator. 
Dr. Willis received her bachelor’s degree in applied learning and development and her Master of Education in curriculum and instruction from the University of Texas at Austin. Additionally, she received her Master of Education in education leadership and her Doctor of Education in educational leadership and administration from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. She has published two books on achieving academic & professional excellence, as well as founded a scholarship to invest in students who can prove they will make a difference in the world by leading with confidence and integrity. 
Dr. Willis serves on several boards including the City of Hutto Ethics Review Commission, Terry Alumni Advisory Board, and is the President of the Hutto Women’s Alliance. She also is an active member and volunteer with numerous non-profit organizations including the Junior League of Austin, the Rotary Club, and the Chamber of Commerce. In her free time, she is a certified personal trainer and athlete with Camp Gladiator and enjoys eating out with her husband, Matt.
The National Virtual Teacher Association (NVTA) is on a mission to help teachers transition from the brick-and-mortar classroom to the virtual classroom, with the goal of providing online instruction that’s even more engaging and effective than in-person learning.
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Dr. April Willis
Director of Operations
National Virtual Teacher Association (NVTA)
Virtual Instruction Standards: Optimizing Teaching & Learning (October 2020)
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