Dr. Amélie Lemieux

By Nicholas Ng-A-Fook

In Episode 21 Dr. Ng-A-Fook interviews Dr. Amélie Lemieux is an Assistant Professor at Mount St. Vincent University. During their conversation, Dr. Amélie Lemieux draws on phenomenology, posthumanism, and literacy studies to share her insights on living, teaching and researching during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We discussed some of the following issues and concepts: Atlantic snowstorms, teaching online, deconstructing literacies, mapping methodologies, life history in Montreal, learning to speak English at school, translation, plurilingual entanglements, agential cuts, transdisciplinarity, makerspace research and education, pedagogical experimentations, process-focus making, poetry, art, multimodal frameworks, material combinations, tinkering, literacy events, material and affective contexts of the classroom, thinking diffractively and so much more.