Dominique Andersen: Manifesting What You Want

By Will Deyamport

On this episode, I Zoom in Dominique Andersen and we chat about manifestation. Dominique Andersen is the founder of STRETCH+BLOOM where she helps unfulfilled high-achieving women who have climbed the wrong ladder break the mold and reinvent more purposeful and joyful lives. A Parisienne living in Berlin and a former interior designer turned coach, she’s a strong believer in ‘if it doesn’t fit, change it!’. As an interior designer, she had hoped to transform her clients’ lives through her work. However, over time she realized she wasn’t making the kind of life-changing difference she longed for. After a break during which she returned to her previous career as a small business executive, she founded STRETCH+BLOOM tapping into a lifetime of personal development studies, over 20 years of cutting-edge manifestation expertise, and the desire to empower women to create bespoke lives. Her proprietary B.L.O.O.M breakthrough formula combines soul-centered introspection, advanced manifestation techniques and practical tools to deliver out-of-the-box and extremely leveraged solutions to her clients who get to create their best lives with a fraction of the effort. Follow Dominique on Twitter: Learn more about Dominique’s work at her website: