David Miletto: Italian Heritage, Family Stories, Chicago, Life, & Art, conclusion – 280

By Steven Miletto

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David Miletto completes his talk with me today as we learn more about his art, the help he is seeking and a little more about Lynda. This is episode 280 of Teaching Learning Leading K12.
This is the conclusion of my interview with David Miletto. Over the four episodes he talked about his Italian heritage, shared family stories, recalled thoughts about growing up in and around Chicago, related his memories of coming of age from the late 1950’s through the early 1970’s and explained his ideas about his works of art. I hope that you see an opportunity not to just listen to someone share their life experiences but also think about how students could use interviews as such to help them better understand the past. 
David recently published his story about his 25 year relationship with Lynda that you heard him mention during the interviews. His book is called “Images of an Idea Lost.” See the link below to get a copy from Apple Books.
Our talk took place over four episodes which spanned several months just as the original interviews took place over several meetings. Go back to episodes 269, 271, and 277 to listen to David’s story from the beginning. See the links below.
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Link to Images of an Idea Lost on Apple Books
Length – 58:19