David Miletto Explains His Book Images of an Idea Lost – 322

By Steven Miletto

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David Miletto explains his book – Images of an Idea Lost. This is episode 322 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.
You may remember that over the last year I published a 4 part series with David Miletto – episodes 266, 271, 277, and 280.  We talked about Italian heritage, life in and around Chicago, growing up in the late 50s, 60’s and early 1970s, he shared some family stories and we talked about his art work. Toward the end of the last part – episode 280…he was getting close to publishing his book. 
David is an incredible cook, lover of life, artist and now an author. His book Images of an Idea Lost (available on Apple Books and KOBO) Here is the description of Images of an Idea Lost:
The beautiful July morning,when he first saw beauty descend the staircase,had become a distant memory.Then on a December evening,as he began to write a letter to her, the phone rang. Images of an Idea Lost is the true storyof Lynda and David’s twenty-five year relationship.The passion and the depth of their bondwas born in the threshold of a dream, in the bright sunshine of that July day. But it is a story that is veiled in a mystery, for it would become a tragedythat would have made the ancient Greeks cry.  You can learn more about David, his book and his artwork at www.davidmiletto.com .
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Length – 54:15