Darya Yegorina & The CleverBooks AR App – 175

By Steven Miletto

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Today, I’m talking with Darya Yegorina. She has developed an app that makes learning fun through books and AR (augmented reality). Not only is it cool to use it’s also free. Yep. That’s right free. Its all about promoting equality in education.
Something neat that you couldn’t script – she was in Dublin, Ireland and I was in Dublin, Georgia-US. 
You’ll hear us talk about: AR – augmented reality, why you will want to know more, how it works, who the primary audience is, and the future of CleverBooks.
By the way, listen for Darya to share with you that the kids who used the app said that they wanted to hear kid’s voices. So guess what? There are kids’ voices.
Are you ready to discover why you will want to use CleverBooks?
Thanks for listening.
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Length- 38:21