Dan E. Hendrickson Discusses His Novel – The Living Legend: A Last Enemy Prequel, Writing Techniques, and Influences on His Writing – 507

By Steven Miletto

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Dan E. Hendrickson Discusses His Novel – The Living Legend: A Last Enemy Prequel, Writing Techniques, and Influences on His Writing. This is episode 507 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.
Dan Hendrickson was born in Sheridan Wyoming in 1962 near the rustic Big Horn mountain range to Carl and Helen Hendrickson. He went to school in the Sheridan School District graduating from Sheridan High School in 1981.
He was an avid participant in boxing, martial arts, wrestling, and track. His father owned a small eight lane bowling alley that he ran until Dan was 12 years old. Carl also had a master’s degree in English and loved to write poetry and plays. Dan picked up on his father’s love for the written word and enrolled in Casper Community College in 1982 majoring in journalism.
Although he found that he had an aptitude for investigative reporting, he decided that his interests were in other areas. He went on to do much volunteer Christian ministry work throughout the United States most of his adult life and continues to pursue those endeavors to this day.
During that time, he gained another degree in Practical Theology. Throughout his many ministry assignments, he also worked several secular jobs. Some of his work experience includes law enforcement, security, emergency medical technician, and firefighting. He also helped run a Martial Arts School where he was a senior instructor. Most notable of his work experience is his auto detailing endeavors.
He and his wife, Cheryl, have owned three different auto detailing businesses throughout the country, the last of which they still run to this day.
Today, we are focused on his latest novel – a prequel – The Living Legend: A Last Enemy Prequel
A little bit about The Living Legend: A Last Enemy Prequel…
Dan E. Hendrickson’s  new novel The Living Legend, shows a brilliance at creating tension and conflicts in the story. For those who enjoy action and adventure in a military setting, they will adore this book.
Deception, politics, corruption, bravery, love, integrity, determination, and lots of action are the key elements on The Living Legend, the latest in The Last Enemy series from Dan E. Hendrickson. This is his follow-up book to penning Brandy: Ballad of a Pirate Princess, which was named last year by Online Book Club as its Historical Fiction Book of the Year.
Set in the 1970s, on one side of the world, Tommy, a man seeking vengeance for his father’s murder; on the other side, Makena, a woman seeking to stop the slavery of her people. We’ll find out how their worlds collide in The Living Legend.
“My books tend to have a military/law enforcement flavor because they deal with issues like modern day human trafficking, organized crime, high-sea drug smuggling, historical piracy, and slave trading,” says Hendrickson. “This one takes place when the Navy SEAL program was launched and the mission is to go after a Russian assassin.”
This is an awesome read!
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