Crossover! CRR and Finding Sustainability Podcast

The most ambitious cross-over attempted since Batman and Robin joined Scooby Doo!

This week we are joined by the dynamic team who make the Finding Sustainability podcast – Dr. Michael Cox, Dr. Courtney Hammond Wagner, and Dr. Stefan Partelow – in an ambitious 2-part crossover episode! We talk about using podcasts to communicate with and about science, how we create our respective programs, and all the “invisible” labor that goes into this type of work.

Best of all, we’ve taken advantage of each team’s unique podcasting style, and we’ve made TWO episodes. In addition to the Coastal Routes Radio narrative-driven version, you can find the long-form version of our group discussion at the Finding Sustainability podcast (

This episode’s music is “I Know a Man” by Manwomanchild, available on the Free Music Archive (

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