Corey Knight & Classroom Tech Made Simple – 163

By Steven Miletto

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Corey Knight is a middle school science teacher in Indiana. He also has created a way for you to get started in using technology in the classroom. Even though he has had offers to leave the classroom (since he knows technology) he has chosen to stay and instead use his skills to create awesome support tools for teachers.
His tool for teachers is called Classroom Tech Made Simple. 
This is his website which has courses for helping you better understand how to implement technology in the classroom.  
Additionally, he has an incredible, informative blog, Simple App Review, and soon will have his own podcast.
By the way, everything is built around Webb’s Depth of Knowledge framework (DOK). 
To help you get started, he has two freebies that you should spend some time learning how to use: Concept Maps Made Simple and a free classroom tech cheat sheet. 
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Length: 34:31