Conversation 121 – Jennie Magiera – Building Wonder

By Shane Lawrence

Ed is a weekly podcast about the teaching life. No lists, no inspirational quotes: just honest convo's about the lives of teachers.

In her career, Jennie Magiera has filled many roles: classroom teacher, district administrator, author, instructional coach, and founder of the non-profit organization Our Voice Alliance. Through it all, she’s been driven by a passion to make education the best it can be for both students and teachers. We talk about the formative moment when she knew she wanted to become a teacher and how that informed her passion for building “edventures” for her students. We also discuss her passion for seeing equity amongst educational voices. Coming from an east-asian background, Jennie has experienced the barriers built by prejudice and has committed herself to minimizing – if not, eliminating – those barriers for other teachers of colour.
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