Continuing the Journey of Supporting Student Mental Health

Continuing the Journey of Supporting Student Mental Health

Whether you are a new or an experienced administrator, you may be wondering, “How can my Mental Health Leads support the goals I have for my school?” or “What are some next steps I can take with supporting mental health with my community?” This podcast focuses on the journeys of two practising principals sharing their perspectives on how they have worked closely with their mental health leads in creating a mentally healthy school.

Hear how these school leaders are continuing their journey of creating mentally healthy schools and how they have intentionally used SMH-ON resources such as Classroom Conversation Starters and other practical classroom ready resources to build student mental health. As an administrator, learn about possible School Mental Health Ontario (SMH-ON) resources that might be best suited to meet your school’s needs or how to work with your mental health lead to support you in developing your school well-being goals. You will leave the podcast with a sense of “I can do this and I am not alone. We can do this together in a team approach. I have the support of my school mental health lead and many SMH-ON resources.”

Podcast Panelists
Gwenyth Le-Phuong, mental health lead, Waterloo Region District School Board
Mac MacPherson, principal, Wellington Catholic District School Board
Sharlene McHolm, principal, Waterloo Region District School Board

SMH-ON Resources Referenced
Supporting Mentally Healthy Conversations About Anti-Black Racism with Students
Education Resource Guide
The First 10 days (and Beyond)
Student Mental Health Action Kit
Mentally healthy Schools and Classrooms
Virtual Field Trips

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