Contested Commemorations with Jessica Gobran — A Dialogue 2

This podcast series is a conversation between Jessica Gobran, a pre-service teacher from the University of Calgary’s Werklund School of Education and nine leading education scholars on the role of social studies and history educators in current debates regarding commemorations emerging across the world. This second and final episode of this series discusses practical strategies and advice for educators hoping to apply the insights learned in episode one into how they think about these debates and take them up with their students. Ideas such as historical consciousness and engaged citizenship are explored as rationales for taking up these controversial topics with students. The myth of neutrality in our education system is also questioned in response to the emotional nature of these debates. The episode concludes with practical strategies educators can use in their practice. .

Scholars featured in this episode include: PhD candidate Adriana Boffa, Dr. Samantha Cutrara, Dr. Kent den Heyer, Dr. Dwayne Donald, PhD candidate Raphaël Gani, Dr. Lindsay Gibson, Dr. Bryan Smith, and Dr. Cathryn van Kessel.

Thank you to the University of Calgary’s Program for Undergraduate Work Experience (PURE) for funding the initial stages of this study, and for Dr. David Scott’s supervision and support of this initiative.

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