Coastal Connections – Episode 8 – Seaweed

Throughout Coastal Connections, we’ve seen a number of examples of humans working together to restore and steward natural systems that have come out of balance. In this episode, we dive into a number of stories from a seaweed inspired individual in PEI. Dr. Irené Novaczek is a benthic ecologist, gardener, professor and entrepreneur, just to name a few of her titles. Dr. Novaczek discusses her diverse journey building community resiliency, through innovative entrepreneurship and maximizing socio- ecological relationships. This episode is co- hosted by Dr. Kelly Vodden, a professor and researcher of community development and rural resiliency at Grenfell campus, Memorial University.

•Social enterprise in Canada
•Social enterprise at MUN

Irene’s Work:
•Oceanna Seaplants:
•Sea Vegetable of the Pacific Islands Cookbook-
•Lettuce of the sea article:
•Learn more about saving seeds:

PEI farmers markets:

Basin Head Provincial Park, PEI
•Irish Moss in Basin Head- CBC News Article

PEI Watershed Alliance

Irene’s Colleagues and Friends:
Thierry Chopin on the idea of co-cultivating multiple species together, or Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA)
•‘Networking Friday with Thierry Chopin’
•Seaweeds and Parkinsons Article-

Theresa Doyle and Rock Barra Retreat

Special Credits:
Script Design by Emily Doyle, Post Doctoral Fellow, Rural Resilience, MUN

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