Coastal Connections –  Episode 7 – Microplastics

Coastal Connections – Episode 7 – Microplastics

In this episode, we hear from:
Max Liboiron the founder and director of CLEAR lab

Regional Report on Plastics Pollution in NL:

Marine debris tracker:

Pollution is Colonialism book:

Discard Studies article:

Against awareness, for scale: garbage is infrastructure, not behaviour article

Solutions to waste and the problem of scalar mismatches article:

Tracking Lobster Tags:

Krista Beardy, director of the Fishing Gear Coalition of Canada and a microplastics researcher from the University of New Brunswick

Microplastics in clams from the Bay of Fundy:

NB Naturalist Feature:

University of New Brunswick News:

The Great Fundy Coastal Cleanup:

Ariel Smith Coastal and Marine Team Lead at Coastal Action:

Webinar delivered by Ariel, on Microplastics in Atlantic Canada;

Coastal Action microplastic research project:

Other resources to check out:
Atlantic Healthy Oceans Initiative – Zero Plastic Waste Gros Morne

Microplastics and plastic Hitchhikers

Microplastics and clothing

A Start up in Waterloo striving to rid plastics using 3D tech!

Special Credits:
Script Design by Laura Stern, Graduate Research Assistant, Environmental Policy Institute of Grenfell Campus, MUN

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