Coastal Connections – Episode 2 – Rethinking Waste

A pile of fish guts or a pile or gold? In this episode, we dive into one of the greatest challenges facing many outport communities: how can we use our resources more sustainably and efficiently? Find out how a man in Mainbrook, NL is transforming what others may consider ‘waste’ through his company, 3F Waste Recovery. In this case, the only thing that could be wasted, is an opportunity! Listen to learn more on how this type of innovation is bringing a paradigm shift throughout rural communities of NL and beyond!

In this episode, we hear from:
Ben Wiper of 3F Waste Recovery

Ben has featured in many radio talks, news articles, and even spoke during the Blue Economy Summit. 3F Waste Recovery is continuing to develop new products and spread its impact throughout the country. To learn more about 3F and their products, or to make contact, you can visit their website or follow their social media: (

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VOCM Ocean Super Cluster year 2 thoughts:
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