Coastal Connections – Episode 1 – Come Together

Welcome to Volume II of Coastal Routes Radio programming – Coastal Connections: Stories from the Atlantic! In this inaugural episode, we are presented with persuasive evidence of why ‘the local’ is the place to research and work on coastal and marine issues – and to share stories of building coastal community resilience, no matter what your background.

This week we hear from three different perspectives on working at the local level:
Dr. Melanie Wiber at the University of New Brunswick (
oLobster Node Inc.:
Fishers representative Lillian Mitchell for the Fundy North Fishermen’s Association (
Fisher, consultant and fisher-scientist Darren Porter (

Two-eyed seeing resources:
oBartlett, C., Marshall, M. & Marshall, A. Two-Eyed Seeing and other lessons learned within a co-learning journey of bringing together indigenous and mainstream knowledges and ways of knowing. J Environ Stud Sci 2, 331–340 (2012).
o2019 Global Symposium video:

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