Classroom Technology and Podcasting with Chris Nesi – 202

By Steven Miletto

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Christopher J. Nesi is the host of the House of #EdTech podcast and the creator and founder of the Education Podcasting Network. Chris is also a co-host of the PodcastPD podcast. He is a certified social studies teacher in New Jersey. Technology and its role in education are his professional passion.
Chris and I talk about why some people have tech phobias or believe that they can’t do tech in the classroom. We also discuss how tech can best serve the classroom teacher as well as the obstacles that many teachers face in using technology for learning. 
Chris is definitely a podcaster. We spent some time reflecting on the House of #EdTech and the education podcasting network.
I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Chris. There is so much to learn and think about.
Thanks for listening and I hope that you will share this episode with your friends, colleagues, and family.
Connect with Chris, check out the House of EdTech, and visit the Education Podcast Network
the House of #EdTech
Length – 47:23

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