Chat with Mike Judd, Senior Curriculum Manager at Nearpod

I enjoyed the opportunity to chat with Mike Judd, a senior curriculum manager at Nearpod and Flocabulary as well as a Flocabulary lyricist and rapper. He is based in the New York City area and has been with the company for five years.
We talked about Flocabulary and the many ways that educators can bring Flocabulary into the classroom and how easy it is to add a Flocabulary video to your Nearpod lesson. We also discussed the great contests that are available for students throughout the year. Black History Month, AAPI Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month contests are held each year and engage students in creative and meaningful learning opportunities. Links are below to check out the events and some of the winners! For more information, check out the resources below: FlocabularyNearpodThe Week in Rap

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