Bruce Boise: Cold Comfort – One Man’s Struggle to Stop the Illegal Marketing of Powerful Opioid Drugs and Save Lives – 308

By Steven Miletto

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Bruce Boise talks with me about his book Cold Comfort – One Man’s Struggle to stop the Illegal Marketing of Powerful Opioid Drugs and Save Lives. This is episode 308 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.
Bruce Boise, having worked as a top pharmaceuticals sales manager for 24 years, did not intend to become a whistle blower nor did he fully understand what he was getting himself into when he encouraged his company to stop illegally marketing off-label use of prescription drugs. 
He ended up losing his job, getting black-balled by the industry, becoming homeless after going through a million dollars in assets and savings, and fearing all of his sacrifices and efforts would lead to nothing being done to the company that contributed to our nation’s deadly opioid overdose epidemic.
His story serves as inspiration to all future whistle blowers while warning the nation of the dangerous practices of the pharmaceutical and medical industries and the shortcomings of the FDA to adequately protect the American public.
“Big Pharma all too willingly accepts fines, even ones in the hundreds of millions of dollars, as merely the price of doing business when it knows it can make tens of billions from illegally marketing its products,” asserts Boise. “This has to stop now – before others die.”
Boise earned a Bachelor of Arts from The Ohio State University and did graduate work in Geo Engineering at Akron Community.
Bruce lived in Melbourne and Key West, Florida for a decade but the Ohio native has lived most his life in Columbus, Ohio.
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