Brittany Riddick talks about her novel: The Writ 212 – A Faith-based, sci-fi novel – 301

By Steven Miletto

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Brittany Riddick talks with me about her novel – The Writ 212. This is episode 301 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.
Brittany Riddick is the author of The Writ 212. She currently is an assistant principal at Shiloh Elementary School in Snellville, Georgia and has been in the field of education for over 16 years.
When asked what has inspired her book The Writ 212, she said, “Being an educator for as long as I have has allowed me to see changes and shifts in students’ behaviors. One of the biggest shifts is how much technology has impacted not only the field of education, but the actual student. It has become more obvious to me that students are growing more addicted to devices. They even appear to have ‘withdrawal’ symptoms when forced to do work that does not require a device. It is important, as educators, that we do not substitute authentic teaching and relationships for technology. We must have a balance. We have to get our parents to understand the importance of building relationships and not placing children in front of a screen. Technology is amazing, but I fear that our “abuse” of technology is having an adverse effect on our relationships with people, especially our children.”
The Writ 212 is a faith-based science fiction book. It shows how the creation of an app leads to the end of the world by killing off a group called the YSW (Youth of the Second World). Jah, the creator, uses the app to destroy the YSW only saving two groups of people; the Elders (older people who don’t have much use for technology) and the unexposed (infants who have never seen technology). Jah uses these two groups of individuals to begin the Third World (New Age). But when a villager of the Third World finds a working device from the Second World, he unlocks secrets that cause a rift in what was once a peaceful community. The villagers of Eirene soon feel torn between their faithfulness to Jah or knowing the secrets of the Second World.
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