Boomers who Rock

Boomers who Rock

Sixty years ago, The Beatles played to screaming throngs on the Ed Sullivan show. Their youthful optimism offered a new blueprint for the future to Boomer kids crowded around their television sets. Since then, Professor Stephen Katz, sociologist and drummer, has gone from playing on a makeshift kit in his parents’ basement to rocking with fantasy bands in well-appointed rehearsal spaces. He talks to host Sally Chivers about how rockstar dreams age even as they never get old.

Transcript and show notes here.

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Episode includes music by Mareproduction (Indie Fall and Indie Rockin 2.1 Clean), Badoink, and via; FreeGroove and Alex Grohl via pixabay, and Rocknstock, Duce Williams, and Michael Shynes via Artlist.

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Dr. Sally Chivers

Professor, Gender & Social Justice and English, Trent University, Ontario

Sally Chivers is Full Professor of Gender & Social Justice and English as well as a Founding Executive Member and Past Director of the Trent Centre for Aging & Society. She was honoured with the 2021 Distinguished Research Award in recognition of her prolific scholarship and international reputation as a leader in the interdisciplinary fields of age and disability studies, health humanities, and cultural gerontology. Her research focuses on the hidden or ignored contributions of older adults and people with disabilities, especially those who too often get pushed outside the frame. Specifically, she studies the cultural politics of aging and disability, especially within film