BONUS – What is the Empowerment Ecosystem? (w Lynnette, Kyle, and Danelle)

Six months ago, Natalie quit her job to unleash her entrepreneurial spirit on a mission to reimagine education. Now, she’s back with an update about the Empowerment Ecosystem, an online program that provides the community, coaching, and tools for change agents to build an empowering assessment system. She’s joined by three founding members, Lynette Earle, Kyle Webb, and Danelle Almaraz, who share their experiences in the ecosystem.   Ready to make REAL change? Book a 45-minute call with Natalie to see if the Empowerment Ecosystem is a fit for you: Follow Natalie: Twitter | Instagram Follow the Podcast: Twitter | Instagram Email: Show Notes:

  • The backstory of becoming an entrepreneur and creating the Empowerment Ecosystem. (1:18)
  • What drew three founding members of the Empowerment Ecosystem, Lynnette Earle, Danelle Almaraz and Kyle Webb, into the program. (15:22)
  • How community, the “high-yield, low-prep” practical activities, and tools to handle difficult conversations have been the most impactful parts of the experience. (20:12)
  • Exciting ways that Lynnette, Danelle, and Kyle are taking up this work in their different contexts. (26:12)
  • Lessons learned about change leadership while building an empowering assessment system. (36:12)
  • Advice for people on the fence about investing in themselves and joining the ecosystem. (41:20)
  • The purpose of education. (47:10)