Bonus Episode: @FreshAirAtFive on FirešŸ”„ with Guest Walker @TeachersOnFirešŸ”„ July 10, 2021

Welcome to FreshAirAtFive (FAAF) Podcast – Bonus Episode 28B
Iā€™m your host, Bryon Carpenter
In this episode, I share our reflections from July 10th, 2021 with @TeachersOnFire
This is a special segment as I had a guest walker, @TeachersOnFire (@MisterCavey) join me for FAAF. Ā Walked, listened and reflected on the following: Ā Define YOUniversity E74 “Share Your Story Series with Nilmini Ratwatte-Henstridge”; The Innovators Mindset Podcast “3 Questions on Educators that Inspire with Debbie Tannebaum”
Next Episode: July 30th at midnight – stay tuned.
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