Ben Kornell @altschool: How AltSchool is Meeting the Needs of the Modern Learner.

By Will Deyamport

On this episode, I Zoom in Ben Kornell, VP of Growth, and we chat about AltSchool, public education, and more. Ben brings a combination of hands-on teaching roles in public education, plus executive leadership across industries including education, healthcare, and nonprofits. He began his career as a TFA corps member in 2003 where he taught middle school for many years. Driven by the inequities he experienced in public education, Ben went to Stanford Business School to cultivate the skills needed to impact the system more broadly. In 2013, he returned to education as COO of Envision Charter Schools, and later as Executive Director of Envision Learning Partners, where his team spread Envision Schools’ Performance Assessment system to over 70 partner schools and 35,000 students across the country. In his role of VP of Growth for AltSchool, Ben will build partnerships with schools nationwide and collaborate closely with AltSchool’s product team to understand how the platform can best support all schools. AltSchool is a partnership between educators and engineers driven to deliver whole-child, personalized learning so all children can reach their potential. Learn more about the school by visiting their website: