Being Called to Action: How Crisis Can Lead to Purposeful Work

By Michelle Dittmer

There is so much going on right now that it can feel overwhelming.The weight of realizing how much help the world needs can feel very heavy. There’s no denying that.  But it’s also inspiring. People across the world are coming together to march. More people are putting on masks when in public. Donations are pouring in from coast to coast for different causes. People are inspired to do better, to make things better, because of what they are hearing and listening to. People are finding a purpose.  By finding a purpose throughout everything going on, it can help you feel more fulfilled and more in control of what’s going on as you contribute. You may not see change overnight, but you are contributing. One way to channel your purpose is to commit to a singular project. A passion project is a purposeful project that will allow you to feel fulfilled by making a contribution to something.But with so much happening, how do you pick one area to focus? Nobody expects you to do everything, so this is a great way to get you focused. If you’re not sure where to start, here are four steps to implementing a passion project. Anti-Racism StatementPassion Project TemplateGap Year Certification