Baking Up Positivity in Education and Beyond with Phil Januszewski

Baking Up Positivity in Education and Beyond with Phil Januszewski

By Dan Kreiness

The Leader Of Learning podcast explores transformational leadership in education. It is where educators can come find inspiration to transform education through effective leadership. It is a community where educators can realize their leadership potential regardless of their position or title.

Welcome to episode 169 of the Leader of Learning Podcast. In this episode, we will hear from Phil Januszewski, a dynamo in the realm of education known for his infectious energy and mission to infuse happiness into the world of teaching. Since stepping into the classroom in 2005, Phil hasn’t just taught chemistry and physics; he’s also become a beloved motivational speaker who champions the well-being and upliftment of educators everywhere. Some of you might even recognize him from his whimsical foray into the “Nailed It” baking show on Netflix, where his alien cake became a memorable highlight.

Phil’s powerhouse teaching strategy draws from the science of energy, motivation, and the pursuit of flow states. His structured schedule approach creates that coveted sense of calm and control that so many educators seek. This episode will delve into his fascinating insights on the art of giving and gratitude, including how his passion for baking enriches the lives of coworkers and students.

We’ll also explore how Phil’s interest in positive psychology led him to the Flourishing Center, and how this knowledge shapes his teaching and life philosophy. Today, he stands as a testament to balancing life’s many roles: as a father, creator, worker, and teacher, Phil knows firsthand the importance of flexibility and decluttering our lives to focus on what truly brings us joy.

Guest Information:
Phil Januszewski is a tattoo-covered, Netflix baking-show flopping, high-energy chemistry/physics teaching keynote speaker and coach who is on a mission to create and spread happiness through education, motivation, and entertainment. He empowers his audiences to completely flourish in their personal lives first, in order to ignite passion and purpose in their professional lives as well. Phil is a nationally known dynamic speaker of 10+ years and a public school educator since 2005 with a bachelor’s in chemistry, a master’s in teaching leadership, and a certification in positive education. When not teaching, speaking, or supporting educators, Phil enjoys everyday adventures with his wife and two children and pursuing his personal passions of fitness, baking, networking, and personal development. If you ever meet Phil, be prepared for a great deal of positive energy, love, and passion.

Episode Resources:
Phil’s Website
Positive Growth Lounge

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