Back to School Balance | Tom Guskey | Large-Scale Assessment

In Don’t @ Me (1:45), Tom talks about why it’s important to find our back-to-school balance. Tom is then joined by Dr. Tom Guskey for The Interview (11:45) to discuss the legacy of Benjamin Bloom and the necessary assessment and grading mindsets for a fair and successful 2020-21 school year. In the News (53:51) includes a story about COVID testing in Utah and the recent story from the province of Alberta and their desire to develop a new guiding vision for K-12 education. Assessment Corner (1:00:36) includes a question about using large-scale assessments to improve student learning and another about feedback. Finally, in Tweets of the Week (1:16:14), Tom has two follow suggestions that you won’t want to miss.   Tom Guskey on Twitter: @tguskeyTom Guskey’s website:  Follow Teach For the Culture on Instagram: @teachforthecultureFollow Holiday Phillips on Twitter and Instagram  Email the Podcast: Podcast Twitter: @TomSchimmerPodTom on Twitter: @TomSchimmer Instagram: Schimmer Education Facebook: Schimmer Education