Avoid These Top 3 Gap Year Mistakes

The Gap Year pathway is full of fun and excitement but there are 3 common mistakes that trip up most gappers.  This episode explores the top 3 and how to identify & avoid them.  We will talk about improper planning, a lack of community and forgetting to build in accountability.  We want your year to be full of positive experiences that move you forward in life, not trip you up and leave you feeling like you wasted your time.  Purposeful gap years are in your grasp!
CanGap can help throughout the process with its Gap Year Gameplan supports.  It’s a one-stop-resource for planning, executing and staying accountable throughout your year.  We will connect you with resources, a network of peers who are also on gap years and experts to guide you on your journey.  Join us for our spring cohort to get access to a bonus LIVE gap year planning so you can feel confident and excited about your September plans.