Audrey O’Clair @audreyoclair: How to Win at Consulting

By Will Deyamport

On this episode, I Zoom in Audrey O’Clair and we chat about how to win at the game of education consulting. Audrey O’Clair, an independent educator, and consultant seeks out ways to build communities of learners of all ages through the use of educational technology, social media, and professional learning networks. As an Account Manager for Soundtrap at Spotify, she engages teachers and learners in creating authentic, cross-curricular learning experiences with collaborative audio recording software. Whether delivering workshops and seminars on accessibility and inclusion or serving as Social Media Fellow for EdSurge, her work builds educator capacity and grows teacher dialogue around the world. As the co-founder of KJS Early Literacy Initiative, an early literacy intervention program, Audrey supports teachers and their young students from Maine to Alaska helping thousands of children from resource depleted environments experience a high-quality literacy immersion before their first day of school. She is, simply, a teacher at heart. Audrey’s message is her passion, and her classroom the ground upon which she stands. You can connect with Audrey on Twitter: