Attention for Change | Katie Martin | Reassessment

In Don’t @Me (4:58) Tom explores the single biggest challenge people face when they need to gain buy-in for a good idea. Then, Tom is joined by Katie Martin (16:54) to discuss her book “Learner-Centered Innovation” and what it means to empower students to explore and learn how to make an impact on the world. In the News (1:07:16) includes a reflection on all of the stories surrounding Covid-19. In Assessment Corner (1:10:59), Tom has some suggestions that can make implementing reassessment routines more efficient and effective. Finally, Tom has a question for listeners (1:24:07) about upcoming episodes. Katie Martin on Twitter: @KatieMartinEDUKatie Martin on Instagram: @katiemartineduWebsite: Email the Podcast: tomschimmerpod@gmail.comFollow the Podcast on Twitter: @TomSchimmerPodFollow Tom on Twitter: @TomSchimmerInstagram: Schimmer EducationFacebook: Schimmer Education