Arthur F. Coombs III – Best Selling Author, Dynamic Speaker, and Leadership Guru – Talks About His Book- Hard Easy: A Get-Real Guide for Get

By Steven Miletto

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Arthur F. Coombs III talks with me about his latest book – Hard Easy: A Get-Real Guide for Getting the Life You Want. Awesome talk! This is episode 362 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast. 
Best-selling author, dynamic speaker, and leadership guru Arthur F. Coombs III brings decades of global expertise to readers, audiences, and corporations through his visionary and innovative practices. Founder and CEO of KomBea Corporation, Art has served for more than 15 years developing and marketing tools that blend human intelligence and automation. 
 Art’s best-selling Don’t Just Manage—LEAD! has been hailed by some of the nation’s top executives, and his book Human Connection: How the “L” Do We Do That? provides a powerful formula for success in relationships of all kinds, and has been said to captivate and inspire readers. 
Before founding KomBea, Art served as EVP of Strategic Initiatives for FirstSource. As CEO and founder of Echopass Corporation, he helped build the world’s premier contact center hosting environment. Art has served as Sento Corporation’s CEO, managing director and vice president of Europe for Sykes Enterprises, and has worked for organizations such as Hewlett-Packard, VLSI Research, and RasterOps. 
Art’s vast experience with people and organizations has led him to sharing transformative principles as a charismatic speaker—principles you can now access within the pages of his books. Art has been interviewed many times on TV. Coombs has been featured recently on Salt Lake City’s ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX stations.  Find out more at Art resides in Utah.
Looking to change your life, overcome a challenge, pursue a goal, and stop making bad decisions on matters of health, wealth, relationships, or lifestyle? 
 Today we are going to focus on his latest book  Hard Easy: A Get-Real Guide for Getting the Life You Want.
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