Andy McClure – Elders, Honesty, Broken Cameras, and Risk

By Chris Cluff

It’s amazing how many rabbit holes one man can encounter when he’s chasing squirrels! Join Chris Cluff as he finds, explores and pushes the boundaries in education.

Andy is a soulful educator. He is connected to education in the more radical sense, less about edtech, more about the heart and mind. Every moment that I spend with Andy is precious. He has been a part of my apprenticeship into the into the art of education since I began teaching back in 2005. In our conversation, he shared that it is okay to take risks on ideas and patterns that feel way over our heads. And that risk is the necessary first step in noticing the relational touch points of deep learning. In these moments he believes that the heart opens and we get a quick glimpse of the bigger picture of the elements that our edu-seeking spirits crave – relationships, play, and creativity. 
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