Amy Cooper @amycooper100: What the Micro-credentials?

By Will Deyamport

Amy Cooper is a passionate change leader in higher education & K-8 Learning. She serves as the lead professional development creator for digital badging for the University Learning Store; a conglomeration of: University of Wisconsin, UCLA, Georgia Tech, University of Washington, University of California, & University of Washington. She has well over a decade of teaching experience. She consistently harnesses positive disruption for 21st century learners; teaching and leading by a steady work of the heart. A Digital Badging expert and seasoned conference presenter, Amy has facilitated several professional development sessions in technology. In addition to her background educating both children and adults, she also has had the opportunity to work alongside graduate professors as both a Teaching Assistant and Researcher. Amy has shared her knowledge of e-learning and digital badging on various podcasts with millions of listeners. She is both a Writer and Author who regularly posts innovative and insightful messages on various social media outlets including LinkedIn, Twitter @amycooper100 , and her own blog: Amy is expected to earn her Doctor of Education in December 2018 and looks forward to continuing to share her love for education with the world.