Allison Kerley Townsend – The 2019 Georgia Teacher of the Year – 208

By Steven Miletto

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Allison Kerley Townsend is the 2019 Georgia Teacher of the Year. She is a 3rd Grade teacher at Barnwell Elementary School in Fulton County, Georgia (US). 
Allison believes that all children start out as curious and excited learners. She sees her goal as an educator is to nurture their passion for learning. As a classroom teacher, Allison strives to give each child a voice in their learning and tries to inspire them to grow beyond engagement to ownership.
Mrs. Townsend not only seeks to make a difference in her classroom and school but also globally. She connects with others through conferences and Twitter. She uses Twitter to open her classroom to the world.
Allison has taught pre-k, third, fourth, and fifth-grade students.
She is a 2012 graduate of Clemson University’s elementary education program.
From the beginning, you will hear her passion and it is catchy!
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